Goodbye “Uncle Tom”

The plight of African-Americans is something to take note of; throughout history, African-Americans have endured an endless sense of demoralization, dehumanization, and second-class treatment. These qualities are exhibited in the movie “Goodbye Uncle Tom”. This movie took a deep look into the plight African-Americans during slavery. This movie gave the most realistic account to the perception and […]

Who is Confucius? The teachings, politics and philosophy.

Confucius was a Chinese thinker and social philosopher who continues to have a profound effect on politics and philosophy thousands of years after his death. His philosophy emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity. Confucius sought to build a great, harmonious and humanistic society. Confucius’s works are studied by scholars […]

Tourist Stereotypes And The Dangers!

The fat Southern American couple that can’t pronounce the names of the sights. The Japanese tourist group avidly taking photos of everything. The hippy travelling students that leave mess and noise in their wake. Tourist stereotypes are extremely common, often being endorsed in films and advertisements. But there is a darker side to these stereotypes […]

What does Gender Equality mean to you?

Today is Women’s Equality day in the USA and while gender equality is something very important to us at breaking perceptions, it is a phrase that can mean different things to different people. This post looks at what different organisations, people and religions say about gender equality but more importantly we want comments to hear […]